minecraftcakebaker said: I know this is a weird question but have you seen any fan art of transformers as ponies from MLP? Just curious cause I find it neat...

I would be shocked if I hadn’t at some point.. I do recall there was a MLP character generator game and I made a KO and a Breakdown in it~
That was fun. OH LOOK I found it :U Dang that was three years ago!! Time flies



I did it, I did the thing. Enjoy.

We are all better for this.

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I want to write more vehicons but I should get to bed.. because I am an adult with responsibilities. weh >:U

I am so agree it’s not even funny we should type loudly at each other about this on the weekend or some time

YES. YES WE SHOULD. This deserves a lot of yelling. And while we’re at it, we can just yell about Dark Cybertron in general because I reread that today and was like maaaaan :U

I shouldn’t be allowed to own makeup. I spent like 20 minutes putting on lipstick and making faces at myself..
also I did the Japanese thing where there’s just the line down the center of the bottom lip. it looks fucking badass :U

"No. What we need is Sugelite. Amethyst, fuse with me.


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omg no KO stop having such a perfect pretty face

stop it