First ya’ll wanna fuck an evil clock then ya’ll wanna fuck the evil animatronics now ya’ll wanna fuck an evil triangle this is why abstinence education doesn’t work

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I’ve heard it said that we only gain wisdom through suffering. And tonight, I intend to make you very wise.
— Megatron, from Megatron Origin (via greyliliy)


Imagine baby robots having naturally magnetized hands and feetsies (/knees) so the babies could cling/stick to their parents’ platings. They’d de-magnetize as the baby would grow bigger and more independent from their parents (and would be easier to spot - newborn sparklings, especially minibot sparklings are tiny).

Imagine, let’s say, Cyclonus walking around the Lost Light with a tiny baby dozing off on his back or a shoulder guard…

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Why? It’s really sad…
That is precisely the reason why I’m watching it ;__;

I shouldn’t have posted that video of Blurr getting cubed because I’m watching it over and over again today too :U

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